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A Co-Founder Platform Built To Foster Innovation!

Gambitz is a platform that combines advanced AI technology with user-focused guidance, tailored for both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Gambitz offers tools and support to foster innovation, problem-solving, and growth in various business settings. Whether you're developing a startup or innovating within an established company, our suite of AI-powered tools is designed to streamline your journey. 


Our Mission

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Inspire the next generation of creators and innovators

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Empower every individual with the tools and support to become an entrepreneur

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Innovate the narrative around what it means to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur

Our Offers

Gambitz Features

Gambitz Hub

Create a profile suited to your entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial needs. Enjoy exclusive podcasts, stay informed with our News Feed on business trends, and gain deep insights from the Gambitz Blog. Connect and collaborate with a driven community. Join us for a transformative journey in the world of business!

Co-Founder AI Chats

AI Chatbot that is located at the bottom of your screen to guide you through the initial stages of ideation to the nuances of pitching, its here to assist you in launching and expanding your business. Please don't hesitate to ask it any questions about your business endeavors. Let's collaborate to kickstart your business journey!


Gambitz Toolbox

The Gambitz toolbox is designed to offer tools and support that foster innovation, problem-solving, and growth across various business environments, catering specifically to the needs of both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Its there to assist you in launching and expanding your business

Our Founders

Mandela Sheaffer

Mandela Sheaffer


Aidan Koross

Aidan Koross

Co-Founder /CMO


Chicago, IL 60647




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