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Our Story

In the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was in a state of flux and ordinary routines felt like distant memories, Gambitz was born. Over dinner, we began a lively debate that would soon transform into an entrepreneurial revolution. Scribbling ideas on a napkin, they dove deep into the skewed perception of success in entrepreneurship.

In a world entranced by billion and million-dollar valuations, they pondered about the smaller businesses, the solo ventures, and the entrepreneurs who found fulfillment in their work, regardless of their financial milestones. Wasn't that, too, a form of success? We believed that it should be. They argued that success in entrepreneurship should be defined not by media headlines but by individual contentment, growth, and the realization of personal visions. After all, isn't success simply achieving one's business goals?

However, amidst this enlightening conversation, they confronted a glaring gap. No existing platform championed this inclusive view of success, nor one that specifically nurtured and inspired early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs in a manner suitable for the digital age. Traditional resources seemed old-fashioned and cumbersome, while contemporary platforms primarily catered to more established ventures, neglecting those just setting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

This realization ignited the spark for Gambitz. A platform built not only to challenge and reshape the narrative of entrepreneurial success but also to provide a modern, accessible, and supportive space for those at the earliest stages of their entrepreneurial journey. They envisioned a place where every dream, big or small, was valued, and every achievement, regardless of scale, was celebrated.

Born from a simple napkin sketch amid a global pandemic, Gambitz is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship - innovative, resilient, and audacious. Today, we invite you to join Gambitz, where we redefine success, celebrate every entrepreneurial journey, and firmly believe your dreams are worth pursuing.

Meet The Team

Mandela Sheaffer

Mandela Sheaffer


Aidan Koross

Aidan Koross

Co-Founder /CMO

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