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A Co-Founder Platform Built To Foster Innovation!

Gambitz is a platform that combines advanced AI technology with user-focused guidance, tailored for foster innovators like intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Gambitz offers tools and support to foster innovation, problem-solving, and growth in various business settings. Whether you're developing a startup or innovating within an established company, our suite of AI-powered tools is designed to streamline your journey. 

Our Mission

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Inspire the next generation of creators and innovators

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Empower every individual with the tools and support to become an Innovator

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Change the narrative around what it means to be an Innovator

Built for Innovators, by Innovators

Gambitz is a platform created by innovators, for innovators. Drawing on their own experiences, our founders provide customized resources and cutting-edge tools to transform innovative dreams into tangible realities. Our services are crafted to support innovators at every step, from the initial idea to the scaling phase. At Gambitz, innovators empower each other. Join us, and let's collaborate to write your success story.

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Gambitz AI Dashboard

This centralized platform harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize the way you bring ideas to life. With a suite of cutting-edge AI tools at your disposal, and real-time notifications of new additions, we ensure you're always at the forefront of technological advancements. Our history feature keeps track of your creative journey, preserving all documents generated with our AI tools. Gambtiz AI Dashboard isn't just about starting a business, it's about fostering innovation and transforming the landscape of entrepreneurship

AI Chats

At Gambitiz, we understand that every business or project has its unique challenges. That's why we empower our users to create chatbots that can assist them with specific problems or content. Our AI Chats are designed to be customizable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need help with customer service, lead generation, or content creation, our chatbots can help you achieve your goals. So don't hesitate to create your own personalized chatbot today!

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Gambitz Toolbox

The Gambitz toolbox is designed to offer tools and support that foster innovation, problem-solving, and growth across various business environments, catering specifically to the needs of both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Its there to assist you in launching and expanding your business

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Our Founders

Mandela Sheaffer

Mandela Sheaffer


Aidan Koross

Aidan Koross

Co-Founder /CMO

 Podcasts For Innovators

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Chicago, IL 60647




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